Oy Suomen Höyhen Ab,as Joutsen Finland Oy was first known,was established in 1936.
The founder of the company,Marius Pederen, who was of Danish extraction,came up with the idea of industrial feather washingand refining when watching his wife Saima wash featers.
The first premises of Oy Suomen Höyhen Ab were in Helsinki,but 1954 saw the company move to its current location in Riihimäki.
From the beginning, the company’s principles of operation have included good customer service and the manufacture of quality products.
Oy Suomen Höyhen Ab was a pioneer in using trademarks:the Joutsen name became the trademark of our down products at an early stage.
Production began with washing feathers and manufacturing bedding.
In the 1950s,the company started making sleeping bags,with down-filled clothing added to the production programme in the 1960’s.
The first true test for Joutsen clothing was set by an expedition led by the son of sportsman.
Our employees are professionals committed to their work.
Joutsen Finland Oy makes use of seven decades of experience and learning amassed in the manufacture of its down products.